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Auto-fill Fields Left Blank

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This article provides instructions on how to automatically set the value of a blank field once it has lost focus. This method allows you to see the value prior to saving the record.


Step 1. Edit the form

The solution is to add the following code to the end of your PDM_MACRO.

evt="onBlur="if(this.value == '') this.value = 'Your text';""

The example that follows adds the code to the dtlTextbox PDM_MACRO. The code can be added to other PDM_MACROS, but not likely all of them.

<PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlTextbox hdr="Header1" attr=your_field evt="onBlur="if(this.value == '') this.value = 'Your text';"">

For r11.x releases it is recommended that you edit your pages via the Web Screen Painter. For older releases you must edit the files directly.

Step 2. Clear the web cache

The final step is to clear Service Desk's cache. The methods vary depending on release.

For r11.x releases publish your changes via the Web Screen Painter. The process of publishing automatically initiates a pdm_webcache.

For older releases execute pdm_webcache from a command prompt on the Primary Server. There is no need to run this command on the Secondary Servers.

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